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The workplace of an employee of the company should be functional and comfortable. The image of a successful company includes many factors on which the impression made on the customers and partners of the company depends. Modern enterprises pay great attention to the appearance of employees and the arrangement of office premises.

When purchasing furniture in the office, it should be remembered that, first of all, it should be comfortable. The office worker sits at the table almost all day, so it is important that during sitting his posture is comfortable and physiological.



Now you can control the lighting from anywhere in the room, change the brightness and direction of light.
The chandelier does not just match the style of the room, it creates the atmosphere and comfort of a habitable place, like its old predecessors. Often they are placed in bathrooms, but transparent shades are preferred here that will not attract attention.
Technological progress does not stand still – in addition to the appearance of chandeliers from new materials, lamps with control panels have entered everyday life. With high ceilings, you can decorate the room with a hanging chandelier, it will indicate the dining area or workplace. She not only looks elegant and impresses with her thoughtful details and delicate work, but she will also become a faithful guardian of the hearth. Such a chandelier is suitable for any type of interior.
– Crystal ones differ from classical ones in that instead of glass they use crystal. Often there are colored glass inserts. If the chandelier is close to the ceiling, it will visually increase. Depending on the model and dimensions, they help visually change the perception of space, expand or narrow it, make the ceilings higher or lower. Often such lamps are equipped with pendants, multi-colored flickering cascades.
– Chandeliers with floral elements (floral motifs in the design, floral shape of the plafonds) are suitable for the kitchen or the nursery, they are best combined with country and modern styles.
– Chandeliers with a lampshade brightly illuminate the room, as the whole stream of light is directed in one direction. There are many design options. Today, chandeliers are fixtures that are mounted to the ceiling and consist of more than two lamps. The lampshade can be plastic, metal or resemble a decorative glass stained-glass window.
– Modern chandeliers can be made of metal, glass and bronze. These lamps will be appropriate in a room decorated in modern style or in more modern styles (minimalism, hi-tech). Such chandeliers can have a catchy, colorful finish. Ideally, it should have a height adjustment so that at any time it can be lowered or raised to the desired level.
Chandeliers come in several forms.
– Classic consist of 4-6 shades made of transparent or translucent glass; they can have a round, oval shape or resemble a bell, can be directed up or down. They look good in spacious rooms with elegant furniture.

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