How to choose fixtures for the home

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But at the same time, the light should be matte and soft, which will give the atmosphere during tea drinking more warmth and comfort.

Also, with the help of light, you can give the room more volume, visually increase or decrease the height of the walls. Experts recommend installing three different light sources in the room at different levels.

To make the corridor in your apartment seem wider, you need to place the lamps in a straight line along one of the walls.

The luminaires located along the midline of the ceiling, on the contrary, will make the corridor room longer and longer, and the transverse light will visually reduce the length of the corridor.

A stylish floor lamp and a wall sconce at the head of the bed are well suited for the bedroom. Technological progress and fashion trends dictate their own conditions when organizing lighting of their own housing and choosing fixtures. Light should be beautifully reflected on glossy surfaces and scattered on matte. Using a variety of light sources, you can give the room a shade of solemnity or mystery, as well as a sense of reliability, warmth and comfort.

With the help of lighting, you can divide your housing into certain zones, for example, you can select a dining area from a pendant lamp. Soft lighting creates an atmosphere of coziness, comfort and pleasant bliss. This type of light is used to create general lighting, and is also successfully combined with diffused and colored light. And using the spotlight, you can create various compositions, emphasizing individual elements of the interior, for example, illuminated photographs, figurines, vases, which are located in niches or simply stand-alone.

Look great indoors, underlined by spotlights, multi-level floors or ceilings. It can be recessed ceiling lights, classic chandeliers, chandeliers with stucco decoration, etc.

Modern chandeliers for suspended ceilings can have a different shape, color scheme and design. When arranging a modern apartment, designers even consider the color of the ceiling lights for the chandelier and the direction of the light flux.

Modern lamps are an integral part of the general atmosphere of the house and a serious design tool for interior decoration. The most comfortable and uniform lighting gives reflected light, which is obtained if you direct the lamp at the ceiling or walls. Lamps for the kitchen should emit bright light, not blind eyes.

For a bathroom, it is better to use ceiling mounted daylight lamps, which are suitable for rooms with high humidity. They have an elegant shape, the correct symmetry, decorated with beautiful silk lampshades or crystal pendants. It is better to divide the living room with the help of light into certain zones, taking into account the functional purpose of each.

For general lighting, a three- or five-arm chandelier is suitable.

As an additional lighting, you can use a floor lamp that fits perfectly into any, even the most daring and original, interior.

Lighting of the kitchen can be solved with the help of an original lamp with a lampshade and additional mounted point sources of light. A huge assortment of chandeliers today allows you to choose exactly the model that accurately and effectively emphasizes the style of your interior.

Classical style chandeliers very often resemble jewelry. But each apartment or house has its own characteristics, and the ever-changing fashion makes its own adjustments. They can be located along walls, on the floor or ceiling, in niches, in general, in those places that your imagination will take them.

The light incident from the fixtures can be direct, diffused, reflected and combined. The space, in reflected light, seems light and transparent. A spotlight can be mounted above the mirror.

Stretch ceilings in our time are the most popular method of decoration, which requires the right selection of lighting. Convenience, light, warmth and comfort are the components without which it is impossible to imagine the home of a modern person. And the light directed from the bottom up makes the room even more comfortable.

There are two types of lighting – functional and decorative.

Functional lighting makes it possible to feel comfortable doing homework, it is also installed in the work area and rooms without windows.

Decorative lighting is used to transform the interior.

Functional and decorative lamps can become an unusual and bright accent in the interior. Red lighting will enhance passion, and green will bring peace to the bedroom.

The living room is the center of the apartment where you receive guests, arrange family holidays, watch your favorite movies with your family or just relax.

When designing lighting in the living room, it is necessary to take into account some nuances. Skillfully selected lighting will emphasize the beauty of stretch ceilings, focuses on the outflow of material, which will make the interior more elegant and richer.

For suspended ceilings, any fixtures are suitable.

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